After several years of having family discussions on where to finally settle down after a long military career, Art & Susan realized they didn't care to hear their two small children talking about the future "retirement home."  They weren't that old...yet!

So, using a little creativity, they started calling the future house they would like to retire to the "AFterwards home"...using a big A and big F in honor of Art's Air Force career.  After using the name for so long, it seemed like a perfect business name, thus AFterwards Handyman was born!

And what's up with the name you ask...

Why AFterwards?

We're family-owned and operated. Our owner, Art, retired from a 22 year Air Force career and chose Colorado Springs to live and finish raising his family.  It also just happens to be where he found his wife along that AF career, and like any good gentleman/handyman he knows to put things back where they belong!  We're an integrated part of your local community and we're always here to help.

We have a small team of handymen who are jacks of all trades and masters of quite a few. We can fix a whole slew of problems. After 35 years in local home repair and remodeling, we've seen a whole lot – chances are your problem isn't something we haven't seen before.  Most likely you will get our owner and lead maintainer, Art, at your doorstep!

About AFterwards

We're here when you need a hand...

Problems always seem creep up at the most inopportune moment and, if you don't know how to solve them, it can be very intimidating. Sometimes it has nothing to do with abilities but you might not have the time or the tools to accomplish the task at hand.  We understand that and we're here to help; whether it be a light bulb fixture that's on the fritz, a door handle that won't cooperate, or some drywall that needs TLC, you can depend on us.  

So when you don't have the Time, the Tools, the Skill or the Will

to make the repairs AFterwards!